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MH Slash Sheild by Candy2021
'You can use mine' by DisneyWiz

Mature Content

FrankyDra Monster High by INRIsan
Boy X Boy

Mature Content

Slo slowly love by walkirie01
Jackson and Neighthan by coretamania

Mature Content

Moanster high: Sun's out buns out by AaronScales15

Mature Content

Moanster high: After practice snack by AaronScales15
I want to kiss you 9 by gorby1961
Venita by Kirajoleen
Roelle by Kirajoleen
Draculeen by Kirajoleen
OC Boy X Boy
Nom by ThestralWizard
Perfect imperfections by ThestralWizard
You by ThestralWizard

Mature Content

Bed Kisses by ThestralWizard
OC femslash
Hook, Line + Sinker by Candy2021
Could I ever believe such a perfect surprise? by Candy2021
Happy Halloween! by Peanutso-BuTTer

Mature Content

I Want You by KalopsiaCreation
MH: I am a Queen by KPenDragon
MH: Not Today Princess by KPenDragon
Neighthan and Jeff's date by tultsi93
Tooht Fairy x Skelita by tultsi93
Monster High's Hottest Fearleader by CicisArtandStuff
Monster High lineup by lesbian-mermaid
Valentine Valentine by CicisArtandStuff
OC Homoerotic
Jaelre WIP by ThestralWizard
Monster High OC 1 Easton Wicked by AaronScales15
Monster High OC 2 Hanson Lectable by AaronScales15
Monster High OC 3 Howie Wolf by AaronScales15
Monster High OC 7 Genkimaru Yamata by AaronScales15



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MH Slash: Guidelines

:iconloveredplz: :iconloveorangeplz: :iconloveyellowplz: :iconlovegreenplz: :iconloveblueplz: :iconloveturquoiseplz: :iconlovepurpleplz:

Welcome to Monster High Slash!

This Group is a club for slash made for the Monster High series of dolls by Mattel and the web series that can be found here -Monster High On You Tube These character include but are not limited to, Official Characters, Characters from the books, the diaries, the parents ANY Monster High cannon as well as Fan Characters Original Students, Original Teachers / faculty & Staff, Monsters – anything that you made that belongs in the Monster High universe.

What Is Slash? - definition by Wikipedia “Slash fiction is a genre of fan fiction that focuses on the depiction of romantic and/or sexual relationships between fictional characters of the same sex”

so in a nutshell it’s Boys who love Boys and Girls who love Girls.

Mature content IS allowed in the club, but I must STRESS this. NO Yaoi or Yuri!...I know many people use the terms incorrectly but Yaoi & Yuri are pornographic terms that imply a graphic sexual act and pornography is NOT allowed on DA! What IS allowed is shounen ai & shoujo ai. Which LITERALLY means Boy love and Girl love.

I have opened membership! So let’s get some members in here! I opened up our gallery to take submissions! I also added some new folders! Here’s what they are and where you should put things. Most of them are pretty self explanatory.

And Please submit your work to the correct folder.

Featured – DO NOT SUBMIT TO THIS FOLDER! This folder is Mods choice for the crème of the crop in Slash yuminess and only Mods are allowed to submit to this folder.


Boy X Boy – for artwork, fics, photography, ETC featuring males from the Monster High cannon.

Femslash - for artwork, fics, photography, ETC featuring females from the Monster High cannon

OC Boy X Boy - for artwork, fics, photography, ETC featuring your Original Males from the Monster High universe.

OC Femslash - for artwork, fics, photography, ETC featuring your Original Females from the Monster High universe.

Crossovers - for artwork, fics, photography, ETC featuring a crossover of Cannon Character X OC.


What is NOT okay to submit to MonsterHighSLASH

Things that go against deviant Arts TOS – Terms Of service, etiquette policy and the clubs rules- INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO
Copyrighted Screenshots from the web series, Tracing over Official Art Work Or Fan Works, Pedophilia, doll makers, we DO allow mature content but it MUST abide by DA’s Terms Of Service.

Most of these rules are DA’s rules not mine, see here.

FAQ #23: What are DeviantArt policies on nudity?
FAQ #220: What is Mature Content?
FAQ #248: Are there restrictions on art using children or teenagers (fictional or otherwise)?
FAQ #304: Do you remove copies and trace-over art?
FAQ #557: Can I submit art which I have made using a "base" (or line art) created by someone else?
And if you have more questions about what is and is not OKAY to post on DA here is the FAQ - and you can search just about anything.

:iconloveredplz: :iconloveorangeplz: :iconloveyellowplz: :iconlovegreenplz: :iconloveblueplz: :iconloveturquoiseplz: :iconlovepurpleplz:
There’s are some things that are NOT okay to do in this group such as, Trolling, Slander, Hating on other people’s OCs, No Fighting over Monsters, No Fighting in General. No Hatred of ANYKIND this includes but is not limited too – racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia…there will be zero tolerance on any of this.

We have the right to deny any artwork we see does not meet the clubs criteria, is in the wrong folder or breaks any of the rules listed above.

This is a ROUGH DRAFT of the rules, so they are likely to change based on popular opinion and / or Mods request…so if you see anything weird or have a question about it please note me, Candy2021 about it…or leave a comment here.

Thank you very much!!! Our club is still new and still growing so please bear with us as we get on our feet!
Hello group! it's been awhile.

Just a quick announcement, our group has expanded so we've added some new folders! It's been a long standing rule that this group did not accept solo character images and I feel it is time for that to change! Just because the image does not feature couples doesn't mean it does not have merit to slash fans.

so on that note! here are our 3 new folders.

Homoerotic & Homoerotic OC

What does Homoerotic mean? The dictionary defined it as follows.

ho·mo·e·rot·ic: ˌhōmōəˈrädik/ adjective: homoerotic; adjective: homo-erotic

concerning or arousing sexual desire centered on a person of the same sex.

One folder for cannon characters and one for OCs


Since There are no officially cannon characters that fall into this category this folder is strictly OCs. and the only criteria they need to meet to be accepted is that it must be stated either in their bio or their description that they are queer.

How do you feel about these updates group? do you love it? do you hate it? plan on submitting to the new folders?

Please leave any questions or concerns in the comments.
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mrkillzo Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey gang! I ran into a bunch of MH, and Ever After dolls. I originally got them to customize with, but they seem just too awesome as they are. I seem to have found them in their original outfits.  I am accepting art trades for them. 

(or maybe Lego, or fair money for them. Feel free to buy the dolls in Bulk at a HUGE discount if you wish)   

I have 24, way too many for a guy to have. :giggle:  Please note me offers of what you like to trade. 

Digital-Decker Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Where would Monster High Lovekids Adopts 1 these go? ;w; Ifanywhere XD;
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Oh I'm terribly sorry I accidentally accepted without looking at the group! ><
The green character here is actually a man!
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my mistake! he's so pretty I mistook him for a lady!
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Ahh, it's no problem!
And thank you! ;D He's flattered~
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He should be! he's very pretty!
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